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In these uncertain times when the Corona Virus pandemic has caused the government to force the closure of all learning institutions, learning has been paralyzed with no clear end of this season in sight.

At Masomo Technologies, we are aiding private schools to continue with their learning activities from home with the use of a smartphone or a computer. It has an android and iPhone app for ease of use by the parents and kids.

We will set up the online learning system within 7 days and offer training to the teachers and an administrator to get the system fully running.

We provide a detailed user manual as well as train a resident administrator, usually a computer teacher, to ensure a smooth running of the system. Our distance learning system is affordable and can be used for the various levels of educational institutions. 

The system can be used alongside other teaching methods in the school. It will also become very useful during the long holidays as the teachers can continue with the syllabus especially in the very long December holidays.

Our System Features

Our system is feature rich and sets itself apart from other available systems in the country. The features are countless and many more can be added  with time as the school fully adopts this system. Some of the features include:
- Fully online based,
- Low data usage as video option is optional,
- Accessibility via a browser and app,
- Timed assignments and tests to encourage pupils’ activity,
- No downloading or printing,
- Teachers mark on their phones or computers,
- Instant notification of new assignments,
- Instant notification of graded assignments,
- Teachers type their assignment and issue to students instantly on their phones or computer,
- App available for Android and iPhone,
- Very easy to use even for parents and students, who sometimes struggle with technology,
- Similar system to the one used in universities like Mount Kenya and Kenyatta University for distance learning courses.
- No annual subscription like fees, the school owns the system in perpetuity,
- Fully scalable and can be implemented for various levels of education, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.




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What Our Clients are

Having a system where we can do all our assignments and submit so that our teachers can mark and give us feedback -has been very good. We have not been left behind in terms of our syllabus coverage. Thanks, Masomo Tech.

Aubrey Wanjiru
Student at Brookhill

The distance learning system has really helped my kids. Teachers post notes and assignment which my son attempts and submits- on the moodle app. It is quite an easy process after the first few submissions.

Ivy Omondi
Parent at Brookhill

The distance learning system that Masomo Technologies designed and implemented for us has been very useful in enabling the school to continue running during this time that the schools have closed. We recommend the system to all schools that have a future in mind.

Mr Magwa
Brookhill Headteacher

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