The Ultimate long
distance / online
learning system for

In this corona pandemic where schools have been forcibly closed,
we have a solution to keep schools going.

Our learning system runs on a browser, and after full configuration
it is availed as an Android app and Apple app

Adopt our distance learning technology


Uninterrupted School Cycle

With this system in place, your learning cycle will never be interrupted in case of issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic or even schools closing for the holidays 

Caters For All Students

The Masomo Tech system has the ability to cater for all learners from aby class all the way to college and university. It can be scaled to cover any number of students.

Proper Security and Storage

Our systems are built with the security of our users in mind. They are suitable for kids of all ages and is easy to learn and use for the parents and- students.

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What features you will get from our team.

Our team at Masomo Tech is dedicated to giving the best value for money for systems made for our clients.

We purpose to walk the journey with our clients up to that time when they will be able to use the system in a stress-free manner.

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Great 24/7 Support.

Masomo Tech joy is to see our clients getting to use the system as comfortably as possible.

Affordable Price

Our system is very affordable. no exorbitant yearly subscription like fees

Quick Access.

Masomo tech system is accesible via web browsers and Android and Apple app

Why choose Masomo Tech
Technology adoption has been a game-changer in many sectors of our day to day life and education has become the next sector that technology has to be adopted in order for learners in various stages to continue learning. We can assure our current and prospective clients:
  • Affordable cost and no hidden or perpetual charges.
  • Adequate training for system maintainers and the teaching staff.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support via phone, email, and personal visits.
  • Simple and easy to use interface for teachers and students.
John Kiiru
Technology Manager.

What Our Customers are Saying.

Having a system where we can do all our assignments and submit so that our teachers can mark and give us feedback -has been very good. We have not been left behind in terms of our syllabus coverage. Thanks, Masomo Tech.

Aubrey Wanjiru
Student at Brookhill

The distance learning system has really helped my kids. Teachers post notes and assignment which my son attempts and submits- on the moodle app. It is quite an easy process after the first few submissions.

Ivy Omondi
Parent at Brookhill

The distance learning system that Masomo Technologies designed and implemented for us has been very useful in enabling the school to continue running during this time that the schools have closed. We recommend the system to all schools that have a future in mind.

Mr Magwa
Brookhill Headteacher